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28'' 8 Wheel Suitcase Florence

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£64.99 GBP

Take the whole family away with our large 8 wheel Suitcases and what better way to do it than with our stunning Florence fashion case.

The largest size in the range at a whopping 94.5 Litre capacity, our large-sized suitcase provides space enough for your whole troupe, with enough leftover to bring back some souvenirs! And if you're conscious of your baggage allowance, don't be this plus-sized model is made from the same lightweight construction as our smaller sizes, minimising the overall weight of your luggage while providing A+ protection to the contents inside.

Ultra Secure: We fit all of our Runway family cases with secure combination locks to help protect you and your loved ones from light-fingered thieves and baggage tamperers.

Built To Last: The Florence range is packed full of sensible design decisions and high-quality materials to ensure you get the longest possible use out of your new suitcase, from a durable ABS outer shell to the scratch-resistant coating and strong, load-bearing handles, believe us when we say these tough suitcases are built to last.

Three Ergonomic Handles: Our family-sized model boasts three ergonomically designed handles, a classic telescopic handle and two soft grip comfort handle, situated at the top and side of the case.


Height Width Depth
Interior 68 (26'') 48 (19'') 29 (11')
Exterior 74.5 (29'') 51 (20'') 30  (12'')


94.5 Capacity 

The Lightweight Family 8 Wheel Suitcase Florence is available in Champagne, Silver and Black. 

If you have any questions about our eight-wheel suitcases, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us - we will be more than happy to help you.